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October hybrid conference and OLV 2024 Membership

Hybrid Conference + OLV Membership


Save the date and join us Oct 18th all day 8:30 am to 4 pm, for this once a year special event and offer!

Location: At the new Ottawa Food Bank, 2001 Bantree St

Please bring a lunch, or come prepared to order out, we will provide coffee, tea, water and treats. 


Note that, membership with out the conference will go up to $50 in 2024.

To sign up please click the button below:

Just Conference


Save the date and join us Oct 18th all day 8:30 am to 4 pm, for this special event!

Location: At the new Ottawa Food Bank, 2001 Bantree St

Please bring a lunch, or come prepared to order out, we will provide coffee, tea, water and treats. 

To sign up please click the button below:

New Café Chats

We are thrilled to announce we will be holding monthly virtual Café Chats on the last Wednesday of every month starting on Wed Sept 27th from 12 to 1 pm.

These will be casual chats were we can share successes and challenges and brain storm together. Not only will these be a great learning opportunity but also a networking opportunity bringing more value to your OLV membership.

Hybrid Conference

Mark your calendar for the Hybrid Conference being held on Wed October 18th this year. 

The 2023 Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference is presented by VMPC (Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada), Better Impact, and AL!VE (Association of Leader’s In Volunteer Engagement). 

Now in its ninth year, this year’s topic is Leveraging Technology in a Human World: Inclusively, Responsibly, Creatively

Please watch for our Monthly Newsletter which will be delivered to your inbox on the 15th of every month going forward.

Share your stories with us at newsletter@olvolunteers.ca and we’ll feature you in an upcoming article!

Check us out at www.olvolunteers.ca!

Send your questions, comments, or newsletter submissions to:

OLV membership Meetings

We host 2 educational membership meetings a year, on top of the yearly Hybrid Conference, networking events like our Cinq a Sept, and our Summer Social.

Think your friend or colleague might be interested in OLV? Guests are welcome at all social events!

May 4th Event Wrap-Up 

On May 4th OLV gathered to share epic stories of volunteering and how story and inspire people to action and volunteer stories have inspired us all!

If you want to create your own epic STARWARS theme story – try this https://starwarsintrocreator.kassellabs.io/

Some storytelling reflection questions:

How can storytelling be used to make the volunteer experience more relatable and appealing to potential volunteers?

What are some key elements that should be included in a volunteer recruitment story to make it effective?

How can storytelling help to build a sense of community and belonging among volunteers?

What are some examples of successful volunteer recruitment and inspiration campaigns that have utilized storytelling effectively?

How can storytelling be incorporated into ongoing volunteer engagement efforts to keep volunteers motivated and inspired over time?

Using a story telling prompt can help you write your volunteerism stories.

[Protagonist] is a [description of protagonist]. One day, [inciting incident occurs] which sets them off on a journey to [goal]. Along the way, they meet [supporting characters] who [description of how they help protagonist]. However, they also face [obstacles and challenges], and [internal conflict]. With the help of their new friends, they are able to overcome these challenges and [resolution]. In the end, they [outcome].

Here is an example:

Emma is a shy high school student who loves to write poetry. One day, her favorite teacher announces a poetry contest with a prize of $1,000. Emma is thrilled and decides to enter. Along the way, she joins a club where volunteer poets’ mentor younger poets and offer feedback and encouragement. However, she struggles with self-doubt and fears that her poetry isn’t good enough. As she works on her entry, she faces writer’s block and doubts whether she should even bother submitting. With the help of her new community, Emma is able to find her voice and gain confidence in her abilities. Together, they brainstorm ideas and work through obstacles. Eventually, Emma musters up the courage to submit her poem and learns that the contest was about more than just winning. In the end, she may or may not win the contest, but she feels proud of herself and her work, and grateful to belong in such a caring community.

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